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Make your trip an extraordinary journey

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By: Xiomara Vega        Illustrations: Aileen  Bustos

Whether for work, family or pleasure, planning a trip requires efforts and organization; so, to avoid setbacks and enjoy this experience the most, following are some tips that will be very helpful..

Preparations before the trip

1.- Prepare a budget so that you don’t spend too much.

2.-It is advisable that once you define the days in which you will be traveling, you search on the transportation routes, the timetables of the places you want to visit and if necessary that you get the tickets in advance.

3.-If it is a road trip, remember to check that you car is in good working conditions.

4.-Leave a copy of your passport or an official identification card, as well as of your itinerary with someone you trust, this will be very helpful in case of an emergency.

5.-Bring the number of your health insurance. Try to prepare a mini first-aid kit, with basics such as pain relief pills, anti-diarrheal, band-aids, etc.

6.-If your trip is abroad, verify the amount allowed for retired people in that country.

7.-Don’t forget to ask your neighbors or someone you trust to keep an eye on your house.


When making your bags

1.-Place disposable hand towels on the bottom of your suitcase, this will keep your clithing dry and with a fresh odor.

2.- Check the weather of your destination, so that the clothing you chose is the adequate one and to avoid bringing more than you need. Before packing, place it on a flat surface, this way you will have an idea of what you will wear each day.

3.- It is better if you roll your clothing instead of folding it, you will save space. If you are bringing belts, also rolled them but around shirts’ collars.

4.-Choose shoes that go with more than one attire. Cover the bottom with a shower cap, so that the soles do not come in contact with your clothing.

5.-Include at least one jacket and one formal attire. Fold the jacket in its inner side to avoid wrinkles.

6.- Place your hygiene products in a sealed bag to avoid spillages. If you are bringing an electric shaver be sure to use the protection cover.

7.-For your cables, you may place a pen’s spring to avoid that they break, or you can also organize them in an eyeglasses case. If you forget the cellular or tablet adapter, you may charge them at a USB slot on the back of a TV.


During the trip

1.-Never put all your cash in the same place, it is better to use the hotel’s safe.

2.- If you travel abroad, don’t change all your money to local currency, you may need money when returning home.

3.-Read the hotel pamphlets and directories so that you locate strategic places that you may need, such as hospitals, restaurants or places of interest.

4.-You may download an app or use the GPS to orientate.

5.-Be sure to take several memory cards for your camera, so that you don’t miss a moment of such special trip.

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